The coating system

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The ECOILS coating line was developed in accordance with the highest standards to ensure maximum product quality and environmental protection.

It is equipped with an alkaline degreasing system for coils in aluminium or steel:

  • An initial tunnel with high-pressure spraying ramps and mechanical brushes removes oil, grease and any oxides on the strip, ensuring a clean and reactive surface for the next phase.
  • A secondary spraying tunnel then rinses with water, followed by a second rinse with demineralised water. The process is concluded in a third tunnel where passivation occurs with the application of a zinc fluorine (zinconium-based) treatment.


In compliance with international guidelines, we can apply various types of resins to coat the coil.

These can be sub-divided into more specific categories: alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, polyesters, polyurethanes, silicones for resin modification, polyvinyl chlorides and polyvinylidene fluorides.

Each type of coating offers specific advantages, whether it be in terms of the thickness, shine, hardness, flexibility or resistance to chemical attacks.

Choosing the most suitable product must be based on the envisaged use and characteristics, to always be agreed upon between the manufacturer and customer.

The next phase involves the application of a coat of primer on both sides of the coil, the relative polymerisation then the passage into a coater to apply the finish and polymerisation.


One of the benefits of liquid painting is the very short hardening time, during which the colour pigments remain stable.

The time that the strip spends in the oven can vary from 6 to 60 seconds in accordance with the product, whilst the temperature varies between 210°C and 250°C.

Once the strip enters the oven, it gradually reaches a temperature nearing that of the oven itself.

Once the so-called Maximum Temperature Point (MTP) is reached, the strip is cooled with jets of cold water and demineralised water.