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Coil coating is the best technology for balancing the quality demands of metallic coating with respect for the environment, given that the environmental impact is markedly less than a post-colour application process.

Our corporate policy is focused on achieving maximum quality objectives in terms of nature and resources, with the proper treatments, recycling, reclamation and disposal aimed towards ensuring a reputable cycle.

The new coating unit is equipped with secondary processes to treat wastewater, such as purification of the pre-treatment water for laminates and post-combustion of exhaust fumes from the painted-product drying ovens.

The basic raw materials (aluminium and steel) are infinitely recyclable and suited to endless usages, often replacing natural products that would today require greater protection.

Simply consider that 75% of the aluminium produced to date is still in use and 14 tonnes of steel are recycled around the world per second. Unfortunately, “in 2018, we saw a tropical forest disappear which was the size of Greece at a rate of 30 football pitches per minute”.

As the European Coil Coating Association maintains, all aluminium products can be recycled at the end of the product life.

Recycling to produce secondary metal only requires 5% of the energy needed for the primary metal and thus generates only 5% of greenhouse emissions.

For this reason, scrap aluminium has a significant financial and environmental value and is key in demonstrating just how sustainable a material it is.

The utmost attention is thus paid to the collection and proper reclamation/disposal of any substances that are inevitably involved in our processes, being dedicated to leaving a better world for future generations.

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