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The Ecoils product quality is guaranteed by strict controls that ensure complete conformity with the orders and specifications requested by the customer.

Checks are carried out on a daily basis by our technicians in the Ecoils inspection and testing laboratory, in compliance with the legislative provisions in force.

  • T-bend test: the pre-painted metal is repeatedly bent, with the internal radius varying from 0T to 2T.
    (ISO 1519)
  • Adhesion test: adhesive tape is applied to the bend then pulled off to check the paint’s resistance in adhering to the substrate.
    (ISO 2409)
  • MEK resistance test: a cotton swab soaked with methylethylketone is rubbed on the surface, which must withstand 100 double rubs at a constant force of 2 kg.
    (ISO 2360)
  • Impact test: the paint is struck from a height to determine the impact and scratch resistivity along with the flexibility of the coating.
    (ISO 6272)
  • Colour test: the Delta-E of the product is determined, which must be lower or equal to 1.
    (ISO 11664)

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