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Usually, we apply a two-coat painting system, even if it is possible to obtain products with a single coat.

The primer is applied directly on the pre-treated surface of the metal.

It generally contains anti-corrosive pigments to help protect the metallic substrate from corrosion.

The second coat of paint, which serves as the “finish”, provides the colour and appearance of the end product, offering significant protection against bad weather and the mechanical characteristics of the systems.

The overall thickness of the finished product is generally between 5 to 15 microns for the primer and 15-30 microns for the finishes.

The thickness is obviously determined by the final requirements of the pre-painted metal product.

MaterialLiquid-painted aluminium
Specific Weight2.71 Kg/dm3
Alloys (example)Series 3000/5000/1000*
Physical state of the raw material (example)H111 – H42 – H44 – H46 – H48
Thickness in mmFrom 0,20 to 1,80
Width in mmFrom 1000 to 1500
Most commonly utilised paintPolyester, PVDF, Polyamide*
Paint thickness in micronsFrom 5 to 25 µm
Types of paint in a single passage• Single-sided with two layers and rear with single coat (Image 1),
• Double-sided with two layers (Image 2),
Protective filmTop side only
Minimum order3000 Kg
Colour rangeInfinite

* Alloys: in accordance with the applications, one alloy is preferred over another.
* Most used paint.
Specific requirements such as having UV resistance, being scratch-proof and durable over time favour one paint over another.

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