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We supply raw materials perfect for creating impeccable designs in painted steel and aluminium, able to maintain their high-quality aesthetics and characteristics over time.

Vision and Mission

Quality assurance

The Ecoils product quality is guaranteed by strict controls that ensure complete conformity with the orders and specifications requested by the customer.
Checks are carried out on a daily basis by our technicians in the Ecoils inspection and testing laboratory, in compliance with the legislative provisions in force.

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Processes control

We have optimised the GB to US logistics and computerised warehouse and order management to ensure a constant and accurate monitoring of actual stock, to eliminate any inefficiencies in the supply chain management.

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eCoils for the environment

Our corporate policy is focused on achieving maximum quality objectives in terms of nature and resources, with the proper treatments, recycling, reclamation and disposal aimed towards ensuring a reputable cycle.

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The coating system




The ECOILS coating line was developed in accordance with the highest standards to ensure maximum product quality and environmental protection... Read more




In compliance with international guidelines, we can apply various types of resins to coat the coil. These can be sub-divided into more specific categories... Read more




One of the benefits of liquid painting is the very short hardening time, during which the colour pigments remain stable. The time that the strip spends in the oven can vary... Read more


We offer an ad-hoc slitter service.

  • Minimum thickness:0,20 mm
  • Maximum thickness:0,80 mm
  • Maximum width:1.300 mm