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Vision and Mission

We supply raw materials perfect for creating impeccable designs in painted steel and aluminium, able to maintain their high-quality aesthetics and characteristics over time.

We are at the service of leading companies in the architectural, building, transport, door and window fixtures and frames, household appliances and modern furnishing industries, and many more besides.

Orders of all sizes are handled with the same dedication: our production flexibility and results-oriented approach are adapted to the individual customer’s needs, so as to always provide the best support.

For us, the flawless application of colour on metal is just one of the elements of a complete process, which begins with a feasibility consultation and concludes with the delivery of materials in accordance with the customer’s specific needs.

Our continuous liquid coil coating system is one of the most advanced, efficient and functional on the market today.

In fact, the Ecoils coating system meets the most advanced standards of the sector, in virtue of its modern design and implementation, enhanced by constant upgrades.

Our painting lines can complete the entire coating cycle (pre-treatment, primer, finishing coat) in a single passage, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

We can provide any RAL colour, along with more than fifteen wood effect finishes, whilst also offering the possibility of customised cuts, such as transversal or longitudinal shearing according to the customer’s specifications.

Company Profile

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